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Hosting Guests at Your Dallas Apartment

LBJ Station Ltd. Blog, Dallas, TX   Hosting guests at your apartment can be stressful. Read this month's blog for tips to make having guests go smoothly.

We’ve all been there: a family member or a friend calls up and says, “Hey, I’m going to be in Dallas next weekend. Any chance I can stay with you for a few days?” And feeling generous, you say yes. But now that it’s getting close to the weekend, you have to start thinking about the logistics of having house guests. We’ve got some ideas for hosting house guests in your LBJ Station Ltd. apartment.


Welcome — One of the most important and easiest things you can do is to sincerely welcome your guests to your home. You don’t have to bring out the welcome wagon, but a simple basket with items that will help your guest feel at home is a good plan. Include things like a card with your guest wifi password on it, a charging bar or power cord, a copy of the public transit system if your guest is likely to use it, your schedule and office number, a flashlight, water, snacks, mints, and (if your guest is going to be there for more than a few days) a house key (or key code) so they are not dependent on you to come and go.


Beds — You may have a guest room available, so this may not be an issue. If so, leave an extra blanket for your guest (and a fan if it tends to get overly warm). Otherwise, provide the most comfortable bed with the resources you have available. That may be a futon, sofa sleeper, air mattress, or even a camping cot. An egg-carton foam top will add a layer of comfort. And use fresh linen. (If your linen has been in the closet for a while, toss it in the dryer with a dryer sheet for a few minutes to freshen it.) You may also want to consider giving up your bed for the duration of the visit if your guests are significantly older than you.


Food — Welcome your visitors not only with a comfortable bed, but a tasty meal too, geared toward their arrival time. If they will arrive mid morning, plan a brunch. In the evening, consider taking them out for dinner at your favorite Dallas restaurant. If they will be arriving long after bedtime, prepare a late-night snack. The point is, after traveling for hours, people are hungry and will always appreciate a meal they don’t have to fix themselves.


Perhaps the most important thing to do in regard to meals is to communicate with your guests beforehand about plans for meals. Having a plan and knowing what meals you are responsible for will make it easier to come up with menus. You can also find out about dietary restrictions and food preferences ahead of time. Stock up on basics for lunch and breakfast, in case cooking plans fall through. An assortment of cold cuts, cheeses, fresh fruits and vegetables can provide the basis for lunch. Adding yogurt, muffins, bagels, cream cheese, and hard-boiled eggs for on-the-go options is a good idea, too.


What are your best tips for hosting guests in your apartment? Please feel free to share in the comments and enlighten us all. Thanks for reading today’s post.