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Pet Tricks at LBJ Station

LBJ Station Blog, Dallas, TX Apartments  Have fun with your pet while teaching them good skills and mental exercises by teaching your pet these tricks this summer.


LBJ Station is a pet-friendly community here in Dallas, TX. We provide two dog parks with dog washing stations for members of our apartment community. Previously we shared some dog park etiquette guidelines for socializing your pet. This month we want to highlight a fun way to teach your pets discipline and good habits: teaching them tricks! Try these ideas with your pet this season for a fun way to bond and teach good habits.


For Dogs



For an easy trick that’s sure to help break the ice when introducing your pet to a new person, try teaching your dog to wave. It’s surprisingly easy. Just keep on stock your dog’s favorite treats and a clicker if you are using clicker training. To complete this trick, your dog should first know how to shake paws. Follow the rest of the tutorial at The Spruce.


Roll Over

While this may seem to be a basic trick, it never fails to delight and is one of the easier tricks to teach. Follow the directions from The American Kennel Club and soon your dog will be rolling over on command.


For Cats



Teaching your cat to sit is basic, but it is an important skill to have if you want to teach your cat other tricks, like standing on hind legs or dancing! Try the tips from Kitty Lover News and pair your efforts with a lot of patience and you can move on to another trick.


Using the Toilet

Getting rid of a litter box can seem like an unattainable dream, but it’s possible, and you may be surprised at how well it goes for you! Just be patient and slowly walk your cat through the process. After about three months, your cat can learn how to sit on the edge of the toilet. Just be sure to flush (or teach them to pull a string to do it on their own)!


What are your favorite tricks, games, or skills to teach your pet? Let us know by leaving a comment! We’d love to hear any tips you have for training a pet, whether you’ve been doing so for years or you’re new to the game.